Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wide Your Vision

Every passing face on the street represents a story every bit as compelling and complicated as yours.
If we build walls around us then we will never feel the pain of others. Our sympathy shall be limited only to us, and we will always feel downtrodden and also all time feel pity for our self. Do not be self-centered like greedy selfish being. Wide your vision, come to the position of other people (those are helpless and needy) wear their shoes and now see the world, it'll surely seem to you totally different.


  1. Always keep your compassionate heart open.. Learn to be a giver and not a taker..

    Often times it is easy for us to say things for those persons to do do this..a lot of whys?..but let us learn to let ourselves be in their situation..then on you can judge if it was that easy being there..

    *hugs Asma..I always love being here :) *

  2. this topic really needs to be discussed these days... nicely worded

  3. The quotations written in red letters depict your liking,choice and wonderful approach in day to day life. I truly liked it.

  4. thank you very much for sharing this to us..
    very inspiring hun ..

  5. Yeah nice post...can change many people who are greedy...*if they read it*

  6. Without widening our vision, life is meaningless. Living for others is a sacrifice and Allah subhanahu wa taalaa loves those with sacrificial initiatives.
    Love your post-Asma keep widening our vision because unless we have a vision, there can't be any goal.

  7. yes, its always helpful to see the world from others point of view....nice thoughts once again by you...:))

  8. @Sie: I always love your comments, your comments really explain my point of view... :)
    *hugs back*

    @quartertoinsane: Thanks... :)

    @Kunwar Kusumesh: Yes indeed and all things here you find are my likings and approach... :)

    @Diane: Thanks Dear.... :)

    @Amigo: Lets change our self first and be a good giver... :)

    @Tariq Mian: Indeed, our main aim of being hear in this world is helping humanity in any way.... :)

    @IRFANUDDIN: Thanks... :)

    @Kalyan: Thank you.... :)

  9. There's nothing more fulfilling in this world than having a grateful heart that knows how to give and reflect its light onto others..

  10. This was such a beautiful video and post!
    I loved it.
    And the message behind it too.

  11. By walking in other's shoes we really understand what it feels and are definitely more able to give.
    I think giving is definitely one of the most beautiful act we can do and we often get much more than what we expect from it.
    Take care Asma - Your posts are always so great and inspiring.

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  13. Inspiring as always!thanks for sharing!

  14. p.s: did you delete your other blog? I was following you there and I accidently found this one through your twitter(like the stalker that i am, im following you there too ;P)

  15. @beanizer_05: Indeed... :)

    @Amigo: Welcome... :)

    @MarieHarmony: Right... :)
    Thank you, take care & Stay Blessed

    @Zarina Hassem: OK.... :) Welcome... :)
    No I didn't delete my blog, but I had changed it's link, that's why it is making few problems. :/
    LoL I love to be3 stalk... :D
    Following you back at twitter... :)

  16. anything said by rumi is always worht reading and understanding... very nice share... sorry for being late in commenting :)

  17. A vivid imagination indeed...!
    An inspirational one ...
    nice :)
    take care...!

  18. @Muhammad Israr: Yes Rumi's thoughts always inspire me... :)
    It's OK... :)

    @Reicha Ahluwalia: Take care & Stay Blessed... :)

  19. sis just passing by..checking on you if your ok :)

  20. @Tariq Mian: Sir busy these days that's why... :)

    @Sie: Dear I'm OK, will be here at blogging world regularly after few days... :)

  21. very nice specially the quote part..lovely words and very meaningful too...