Saturday, 9 July 2011

Getting Married And Our Society

Sorry if any word of mine seems to you objectionable.

Story Of Maya
How To Get A Boy
Hunting Boy

Looking For Love
Still Looking For
Got Too Many Love
Difficult To Choose & Trust
Finally Got True One
Be My Love
Happy Together
Some Confusion Created
About To An End
Don't Wanna To Leave
Sad & Lonely
Missing Her
Love Her This Much
She Tried Again
Trying To Solve The Matter
I Could Really Fall For You
I Won't Let You down
Met Again
Marry Me
Happy Forever
Maya is one of lucky girls who get nice and true gentleman in these types of methods.


  1. To find love is a very difficult job.
    My formula has been "Never try for it, then you get a lot".

  2. @Iftikhar Ajmal Bhopal: So don't find, "Love will happen by itself" :P
    Ahan nice formula :D

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment. How cute is this post! I couldn`t stop smiling.

  4. @Pandora`s Box: Thanks for kind response....
    Love your smile.... :)

  5. Alas shortcuts seldom work, aur neeyat nek ho to jo chaho sab mil jaata hai.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. haha cute story! I wish things could work the same in real life read ma post on rishta scenario tagged as KHota parade:)

  7. @Blasphemous Aesthete: Jee mgr seedday sadhay log akser dhoka b kha jaty hain :/

    Thanks :)

  8. @Mishi: Reality is almost hard :/
    Sure will read and respond there :)

  9. Hi Asama,

    I went through your blog. Although you have started writing recently, I could surely say that you write well :)

    I would love to give you the best new blogger award if you are ready to accept the conditions mentioned over in my post :)

  10. Hello... :)
    I'm not new at blogging, just back with new blog. And I think, this award is not for me... :)

    Anyways Thanks for visiting here.
    Stay Blessed

  11. yes u r right those are indeed rarely found in these types of methods.wounderful post the way u created the post is excellent.