Thursday, 28 July 2011


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  1. 1- The ongoing "mannerism-deficit" is quite problematic these days.
    So, we need to do a diagnostic self assessment. Once the ill manners are pin-pointed, we may be able to fix them up - provided we are sincere enough.

    2- We must be careful about others' feelings because a broken heart hurts the most.

    Asma these logos have so much info in them that you need at least one article for each one of these.

  2. @Tariq Mian: Yes indeed, we should examine & re-examine our attitude, and try to adopt positive manners...
    Of course, if we become kind towards every one is a great virtue... :)

    Actually I shared few thoughts in one post, not concerting at one topic especially so... :)

  3. Asma u pick best of quotes and verses. There is not a single one which didn't touched my heart but i'm loving the one about how to stay in love by forgiveness and kindness.

    may ALLAH bless you for good work. I have awards waiting for you, visit my blog.

  4. @Aiman: Thanks for appreciation... :)

    Ohhh really, going to check it...

  5. As-Salam Alaikum. Glad you like the rewards Asma. stay blessed! =)

  6. @Diane: Was'salm Dear...
    Well come... :)
    Stay Blessed

  7. very valuable quotes ,thanks for sharing ,I have tried and tested these...But one I didn't try...will do for sure!

  8. great sayings..especially the one with broken heart :)

  9. @Muhammad Israr: Thanks for commenting :)