Friday, 15 July 2011

Is Life Just A Lie?

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In life whenever we got cheated unexpectedly by people who are not only around us but also are really very close to us, at those times we feel Life is a lie. We feel crap. It hurts so bad and feels so empty inside.

A guy shared his feelings when he got cheated in love. 
He said: "I have just experienced the worst break up ever and I know how absolutely devastating and heart crunching feel when long distance relationship ended for no reason. I cared about her deeply, I believed that our relationship was passionate and we both love each other. And now how I tell a story of a person, who betrayed me and that same person promise me to be everything in my life. I took my relationship with her as a fairy tale relationship. But now I lost my love my dream my innocent future.
My advise to him was:
Compose yourself and forgive her, yes she badly hurt you, as you know no one is perfect and she clearly lacks the emotional maturity to have a committed, meaningful relationship. The door to your relationship with your ex is closed. Now letting her go is certainly a good idea at this point.

A girl cries for her fake friend.
Ahhh my best friend, I gave everything to her. But in return she is just fake. First, she treat me as a good friend and now she threw me out like trash. Ouch.... 
I really cared about her and she has made me feel like I am useless and I am merely a puppet or a toy for her. Now life is nothing to me just a lie. Will I trust again or take any person as a true friend. I wish I could treat her as she used me and took me , I want to destroy her peace of mind as she wasted my love my care that was for her I want a big revenge, to be more rude and unethical to her as she has done with me. I can't treat her badly and how can I do this? as once I loved & cared her a lot.

I advised her:
It will be your fault, don't be selfish and unethical. Indeed you are better, because you were sincere,  loving , caring and true fellow.  
Forgive her for all what she cheated and then don't allow a situation to occur where she has a chance to act in a similar fashion.


  1. hmmm you have advised them just right!

    see life is full of melodramas ..tip is jus to move on , no matter what happens in the way...bury the past, Live in your Present and stop worrying about your Future..Happiness is not the name of takes charge of your heart when you start valuing what you have in your life and stop desiring what you dont!

    stay happy hameesha;-)

  2. @Mishi: :)
    Yeah and that's positive attitude though difficult but possible with little effort and determination... :)
    Stay Blessed

  3. Life is a teacher, who takes a test before delivering the lesson.

    Perhaps,forgiving is the best option, and it isn't very tough too.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Blasphemous Aesthete: Hmmm right and results of those lessons are mostly bitter. :/
    Of course forgiving is best option to calm down yourself. :)
    Stay Blessed

  5. It's Unevitable part of growing up, getting hurt. You advised totally right.

  6. @Aiman: Yes it is.
    Thanks for dropping by... :)

  7. For the record, its easier to say and harder to actually move on with the things and accept them as-is. You can never really move on not until you really find a decent hobby, craze or passion to keep your thoughts away from betrayals.

  8. @Muhammad Usman Chaudhry: Agreed, it's really harder to forget those, who were with us all time. But time is a best healer, with the time being we move on or at least not recall them most of the time. :)


  9. Exactly :). Though everyone has different tendency to cope with lies/betrayl and move on, some people move on the very next day while some people stay there for years.

  10. @Muhammad Usman Chaudhry: I think it depends on how quick a person is to compose himself, or he is strong enough to deal with negative attitude. :)

  11. I have experienced the second one...and not just once. It hurts bad. But you get to know how people are in the world. You get to know that you need to be careful and friends cant be found everywhere. You get to know you are a god person :)
    I always take things positively..helps a lot!

  12. @Beads: Hmmm sad to know, but it's part of life.
    Friends are very precious for anybody but the sad truth is that very few of us find true friends in life... :/
    Ahan, being positive is a great thing, never lose hope some day surely you will find a true & sincere friend... :)

  13. Forgiveness is hard but the best thing to experience.
    Your advice is right for both. Causing more pain to another is putting us down. It is always better to let go and move on, learning from others mistakes at the same time.
    We are all the same, not perfect.

  14. @MarieHarmony: Indeed forgiveness is hard but it helps us to grow... :)
    Right, mistakes are good teachers also, hmmm everyone lacks in attributes in any way or the other way, so it's better that we understand each other.... :)

  15. Is Life Just A Lie?
    Absolutely not.
    This is a journey with hardships. It's said, "Life is a struggle." You can say life without struggle is no life. Yet, there are good things and bad things, and God Almighty gave us the “needed ability” to distinguish between good and the evil.
    But God gifted emotionality is the usual factor, where we lose control and fail miserably to apply our wits.

    Surely, no person is the property of the other person.
    Yes! Feelings are feelings - deserving to be respected under all circumstances with a suitable “exit strategy” if things are not going smooth enough.
    But nobody has a right of being lousy extremist to the extent of "possessiveness," a stage where "typhoid of love" bothers the most to either partner.
    What can you do if there is a betrayal?
    Forget the bitterness and embrace the future with new morale.

    Asma, you guys are most welcome to visit my little domain[Tariq Mian With Current Affairs] @ whenever you wish for MORE BORDOM.

    Asma! Have fun writing.

  16. @Tariq Mian: Sir I'm highly thankful to got very precious thoughts & advises from you... :)

    In above post I tried to explain the emotions and feelings of average mind, what they feel at the time of break up. Defiantly life is the name of struggle, and in life we face hardship & ease, one by one.
    And of course Allah never gives a trial that is too great to bear.

    Once again agreed, nobody is the property of other, but when it comes to a strong & closest relationship, than man expect from other partner too much, at least he/she expect loyalty.
    After betrayal, moving on is the most recommended option. We usually move on after wasting our time in regretting.

    OK nice to meet you here & will follow you there at your space.
    I have a problem I never feel boredom... :)

    Anyways thanks a lot for being here, so nice of you... :)

    Stay Blessed

  17. Interesting..

    I see what you mean :)

  18. @Ovais: :)
    Ahan that's great na, so try to be positive...

  19. Haahaa you're real. You're good :p