Friday, 8 July 2011

Take Every Step Carefully

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Life is a journey of a thousand miles. It is carried on step by step. If each and every step carefully taken it can lead to ultimate success. The future lies before you, be careful how you tread it, for every step will show.

Step:1 Think carefully be slow and critical thinker.
Step2: Have confidence.
Step3: Be careful what you say it may come back to haunt you, always treat those around you with kindness and respect.
Step 4: Improve your abilities.
Step 5: Work with people who have similar interest and will understand your abilities. Perhaps this is one of the best ways of earning credibility.
Step 6: Be careful who you trust.
Step 7: Just be careful who you let in your life, every part of you is precious and sacred, don't just let everybody into your soul, and take time out to get to know people first.
Step8: Take your time and make sure things are done right.
Step 9: Emphasize quality in all aspects of life.
Step 10: Hold yourself accountable for your actions.


  1. Nice reminder Asma, we tend to forget these steps but reading them again all their wisdom come to light.

  2. @MarieHarmony: Yes it's reminder for every reader and for me also... :)