Friday, 7 October 2011

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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We all have a basic need to be loved. When we are children we are content with parental love and family bonds make us feel satisfy and secure. When we mature and we form romantic relationships, most individuals feel a natural need to love and be loved in return.
Love is so common word in our everyday vocabulary. Specially guys use love like it's not a big thing. Guys randomly throw “I love you” around like it’s nothing, so girls! do not flatter your self.

image, picture, loves me loves me not
Whimsically plucking a daisy's petals and wondering 'He loves me, he loves me not'.
The question whether he loves me or not usually bothers every girl. Does he really love me? This question is obvious when you are trying to figure out whether a guy loves you or not. There is a big difference in loving and liking someone. Sometimes love is confused with a strong friendship or relationship.

image, picture, show me don't tell me
Always remember that actions speak louder than words! This will help out a lot in your everyday interactions. As you know sometimes we listen what we wish to hear, same goes with seeing and feelings. A man will say anything he thinks; you want to hear to get what he wants, but if his actions prove it. The way he behaves around you, the way he treats you, the things he does for you.
If a guy loves you, definitely, he tells you, he makes you feel special, he cares a lot, his feelings must be clearly reflected in his behaviors, expressions, passion and actions alike. But if he doesn’t reflect this love for you through these mediums, then do not waste your time and do not beat down your self respect.


  1. very straight forward advice:-)
    waisy boys also do the same thing''whether she loves me or not'':-)

  2. Lovely Blog!! first time I visited it!! <3
    =D hoping for more posts...=)

  3. @Arooj: Hmmm you are right to some extent but again I would say, examine their actions carefully and find falseness or trustfulness via their attitude... :)

    @Black Pearl: Welcome here... :)
    Insha Allah I will keep updating...

    @Amigo: Thanks... :)

  4. Salam alayki, of course you can share that post or re post it. It is beautiful advice for us all. Have a goo weekend inshaAllah

  5. @Sanaa Nubiansis: Waleikum Assalam Dear!
    Thanks for being so kind... :)
    Stay Blessed

  6. "Actions speak louder than words." Sums it up perfectly!


  7. Using common sense helps you find out if the guy or girl you are with - likes you or loves you or is in love with you really, or there is a game being played for some dirty agenda.

    Of course, there are abusers or cheaters taking advantage of your circumstances.
    Love in real is ISHQ-e-Ilahi. Allah loves the sincere lovers too.

    Hypocricy in love affair is a morality disorder practised by the selfish abusers.

    May Allah protect true love between human beings. Amen!
    Stay blessed--good post as usual.

  8. @Tariq Mian: Rightly said, thanks for your sincere advice. :)
    Yes I agree true love is between Rab & banda...

  9. You have presented a small minor topic very nicely :) with attractive pictures. Asma jee now please tell me from which you actually take them ? :)

  10. @Noor-ul-Ain Hanif : I have mentioned image sources below each picture, you may check this by clicking green highlighted text under pictures. I search pictures for blog by giving related terms by googling, or take it from while I am on tumblr and also whenever I find nice photo I keep save those... :)

  11. Salam alaikum. A beautiful blog, and lovely notes from a wise sister, mashaAllah.

  12. I think when we're at a point where we're questioning whether the person we're with loves us or not, than this indicates a problem. Even when we can't have complete certainty all the time, I think if love exists between two individuals it should be clear.
    Nice post! (:

  13. @Salma @ Chasing Rainbow: Thanks... :)

    @Zeinab: Indeed... :)

  14. You hit the spot Asma..I love you word is useless unless you mean it and doing it proves it best..

    some persons usually blurt words and doesn't recognize a person's feelings..some people may say those words you wanted to hear but acts otherwise..hurting you intentionally in the end..just wasting the love you have given them..and it hurts!

    *passing by sis hugs*

  15. @Sie: Truly said words are useless if you not mean them or prove them...
    Stay Blessed

  16. ur post reminds me of a quotation
    "tonight im not gonna say i love you, i will make you feel it " .
    nice post ;)

  17. a very very similar post i seen long long before.

    very nice post. keep bogging.

  18. "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not", its very easy to know,.

    but difficult to know "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not",.

    definitely you receive unconditional and true love from your beloved.

    behappy keep smiling. take care.