Thursday, 22 December 2011

You Smile, I Melt

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Smile! Why? Because you can.
Always wear a smile, not because life is full of reasons to smile but because your smile itself is a reason for many 
others to smile.
Smiling is a natural drug, a stress relief Smiling lowers blood pressure, smiling boosts immune system.

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A smile is a passport that take you anywhere you want to go.

Smile is first word of body language and plus point of our attractiveness. To increase our face value, our health, and our attractiveness, we have to laugh and smile as much as possible.

Count your years with smiles.

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A smile is the universal language of love and kindness. It spreads the message of peace, tells others that there is a lovable, caring and sincere person.

Sometimes happiness isn’t about seeing yourself smile, but it’s about seeing others smile. Smile to everyone you meet. You don't know what they are going through, and they may need that smile.

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Smile has close link between psychological and physical health. Many researches and health studies proved that "laughter is the best prescription and has a healing and beneficial effect on patients." A little laugh and smile will improve health. So try it and make it habit.

Every smile is a sign of daily brushing, so don't forget to smile.

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Doesn't it feel good when you put a smile on someone's face? 
Smile is a gesture of happiness.

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Don't forget to subscribe smile, it's Sunnah.
Smile is charity. Perhaps just a smile at a poor man would raise you in rank in the sight of Allah.


  1. A smile can move mountains. I have to say I love to smile, because I think it makes the world beautiful and it's always a lovely way to show God's love.
    Thanks for sharing these lines with us, I read them with a smile on my face. Take care Asma.

  2. very good point :)

    smile is the most charming curve of human body :)

  3. @MarieHarmony: And your most kind words gave me a big smile... :)
    Take care & Stay Blessed

    @quartertoinsane: :D :)

    @Inspector Saahab: Yeah true... :)

  4. @Mustika Hayati: Thank You... :)

  5. Smiling is so important especially as Muslims. It is a form of sadaqah. I tend to always put on a serious face when I go out to avoid unwanted attention from men (even though I am fully covered). I need to consistently remind myself to relax and smile when I see women!

  6. @sippingchai: Yes smile is charity and also Sunnah...
    Ahan good to know, May Allah reward you for your good deeds...
    Stay Blessed... :)

  7. Asdsaloamu waleikum i from brazil visit-me in
    salam akhe's

  8. @sociedade_islamica_do_marananhao: Waleikum Assalam
    OK! ... :)