Monday, 16 January 2012

An Argument

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Most arguments are caused by a misunderstanding of the fact that "I am Right".

Arguments take place between strong relationships, no matter what kind of relationship we have with family, bosses, friends, or life partner.  Arguments are part of life, arguing is not necessarily a sign of a bad relationship. There are many reasons why arguments occur.
Arguments start because of misunderstandings, disagreements on specific matter or sometimes one or both persons are mentally disturbed and they want to exhaust their inner stress through fight.
We all argue in our relationships. However you have to handle appropriately then arguments can be healthy. If you ignore them they will just get worse.

That awkward moment when you are arguing with someone for a long time 
and then you realize they are right.

There are many ways to hand arguments here are few:
1: Always argue on solve able issues.  An argument shouldn't be recurrent, it should be resolved.
2: An argument is not as a quarrel. Stay calm and control your emotions before you begin to express your feelings.
3: Avoid screaming and threatening tone. Even if the other person raises their voice and you remain calm they will eventually lower their tone as well.
4: If you lose your temper you lose the argument. If you go in for argument, take care of your temper. Your logic (if you have any) will take care of itself.
5: Attacking your opponent or Winning an argument should not be the goal but try to resolve things quickly and successfully is the goal. 
6: Avoid accusations and blaming. Don't bring past conflicts or old issues into today's argument whatever those are one year old or one week old, be specific about what's bothering you at that time and limit your discussion to that one issue.
7: Make your points clearly, clarify any misunderstandings, Always make eye contact, that shows you are not hiding or lying anything.
8: Be honest and a good listener  allow the other person to express their views as well, don't interrupt your opponent. Take full interest what your opponent say. 

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If couples who are in love are called 'love birds', then couples who
 always argue should be called 'angry birds.' 
9: No matter how much you disagree with your opponent try to view the issue from the other person's viewpoint then you will understand matter from their perspective.
10: Be open to compromise because sometimes compromise is the only way to letting go many things.
11: Do not repeat your points if you do so then they will lose their importance as no one like to re listen.
12: Keep the argument short. Not to let it escalate into a huge problem or something that hurts the other person. 
13: If you walk out leaving discussion in middle that will make serious situation and will open new thing to debate so avoid it.
14: Never argue when one or both parties is under the influence of alcohol, overly tired or emotional. 
15: Never threaten during argument it will make situation worst.

The aim of an argument should not be to win or lose, indeed it's about resolving the issue and  to develop an understanding or a compromise between both parties. You have to agree to disagree.  There is nothing wrong with you both living by different rules and having different opinions.


  1. nice suggestions... i'll try them sometime

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