Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pride The Capital Sin

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Pride is an attitude; that arises when a person is amazed with his own self, that person feels superior to others, he believes that he is superior to others, pride fill his mind with the thought of self-importance. He feels that he is better than other people. Arrogance means rejecting the truth and looking down on people.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hurt No One

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We humans are really very strange beings, even we can't understand each other properly. I have noticed that animals are treated better than humans, many people feel pain and sympathy for animals but not for human beings. Why people care for animal more than humans? Is it because animals don't stop them from stupidity and animals don't raise question about their wrong doings?

There are people who worried about hungry birds and try to do their best to provide them food and when they are also annoyed with ants; those attack their kitchen and go into every jar, pots and food but they feel helpless because of sympathy and fear of committing sin if they use ants killer powder or spray in defence. And there are cats and dogs lovers, they deeply feel hurt when their cat or dog feeling not well, if their pet die they cry for many days but at same time they are very rude with their own family members, blunt and abusive with siblings and are the most disobedient children of their parents.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Unhealthy Habits Damage Your Skin

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A healthy and glowing skin is what we all wish to have because a glowing skin is the most visible and attractive feature of our personality. A nice skin is reason of looking young and beautiful. If we want to maintain healthy looking skin we have to cut off many things that effectively damage our skin.