Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hurt No One

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We humans are really very strange beings, even we can't understand each other properly. I have noticed that animals are treated better than humans, many people feel pain and sympathy for animals but not for human beings. Why people care for animal more than humans? Is it because animals don't stop them from stupidity and animals don't raise question about their wrong doings?

There are people who worried about hungry birds and try to do their best to provide them food and when they are also annoyed with ants; those attack their kitchen and go into every jar, pots and food but they feel helpless because of sympathy and fear of committing sin if they use ants killer powder or spray in defence. And there are cats and dogs lovers, they deeply feel hurt when their cat or dog feeling not well, if their pet die they cry for many days but at same time they are very rude with their own family members, blunt and abusive with siblings and are the most disobedient children of their parents.

These people treat their fellow beings very badly, making wrong judgments about others, spreading false rumors, backbiting, accusing others and even wasting their time in evil plotting against others. In this way they make other people's life miserable and the most sad thing is that they don't even care about it at all. No fear of sin or thought of hurting others come into their mind. Because of these type of sick behaviors many conflicts emerge, distance and hate in relationships take a wide place.

At that time their soft and kind nature vanished and they act like the devil. Why don't they feel pain of others when they are making joke of other people, hurting their heart with blunt words and while they are filling their eyes with tears, why they don't think they may complain against them in the court of Lord. Allah will not forgive the violation of human rights, Allah has decreed that only the one who has been wronged has the right to forgive the one who has wronged him or violated his rights."

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As you sow so shall you reap.
Islam teaches us about the value of human life and also the importance of physical body, feelings, emotions and spiritual aspects as well. Cruelty is not allowed in Islam in anyway. Attacking someone's moral values like his freedom, honor, chastity and dignity is a sin. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) prohibited the unlawful encroachment of one another's life, property,  honor and respect.
 He said: "None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself."
"After having faith, the wisest act for a person is the love and care of the other human beings, be they good or otherwise."

According to Islam, only the wronged person will forgive the one who wronged him or her. Wrong-doer will be liable in front of Allah(God) at the day of judgement if he does not please the person he wronged here in this world, the wronged one will ask for justice or get his right from the wrong-doer at that time. So it's better for wrong-doer that he must try settle things here in this world.
If wrong-doer feeling regret and also trying to change himself and also even can't find the one whom he did wrong so he should ask forgiveness from Allah(God) for his sin and shloud repent sincerely, then it is expected from the mercy of Allah(God) to ask the wronged one to forgive the other.

Our fellow beings deserve more than other creatures, we have to recognise that our love, care, respect and sympathy, piety at first should be for humanity. Our heart should be filled with the love for all humans without any discrimination.


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