Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Unhealthy Habits Damage Your Skin

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A healthy and glowing skin is what we all wish to have because a glowing skin is the most visible and attractive feature of our personality. A nice skin is reason of looking young and beautiful. If we want to maintain healthy looking skin we have to cut off many things that effectively damage our skin.

It is well said that, "By 20, you have the skin you inherited; by age 40, you have the skin you deserve and by age 60, you have the skin you’ve earned."
Dull or dry skin, wrinkles, acne, brown spots, two-toned skin and inflammation are all a reflecting that ones takes poor diet and not taking good care of skin or has unhealthy habits. Anyways it's not too late to wake up your skin with right treatment.

There is an easy to do list for brighter skin or repair skin:
1: A poor diet is main factor of dull skin, avoid fried foods. Take fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits and don't take packed or tinned foods. Stay well hydrated, drink plenty of water at least liters per day.
2: Quit smoking, if you smoke. Smoking and alcohal dehydrte your skin. Smoking gives grey tone to your completion because it shrinks blood supply to your skin and also gives you fine lines around your mouth and eyes.
3: Moisturize your skin regularly. Hydrate your skin with moisturizer (but remember your moisturizer should not be oil based) and spray of floral water like rose water is the best for your skin.
4: Sudden weight loss by hard dieting, it makes your skin stretch marks and multi toned skin.
5: A wrong choice of skin care or makeup products can be disastrous. Older make up harms your skin. 
6: Improper skin care can worsen your skin. Harsh exfoliates, cleanser or scrub also damage your skin, avoid those. Applying make up, cosmetics with heavy and quick hands is also bad for skin. Do not pull your skin while using facial products on face, give a gentle touch to your face skin.
7: Sunlight or excessive sun exposure is too bad for skin, not spend much time in the sun, UV rays in sunlight damages skin and causing wrinkles, fine lines and brown spots and pigmentation. Sunlight only in early morning between 8 to 10 p.m and evening between 5 to 6p.m is good for you. Use sun blocks or day creams and make up with  suitable SPF to compete with harmful rays of the sun.
8: Not getting enough sleep is also reason of dull skin, sleeping less results are dark cricles around eyes, eyes bags and early wrinkle. Our skin takes rest at night, healing process, repairing and building of new cells all are takes place at midnight. And also look for your sleeping position, sleeping onside of your face puts stress on skin and you will have sleep lines on your face. It is better to sleep with your face up.
9: Our feelings also affects our skin. Stress, depression and anxiety increase many problems in skin.What stress can give are dry, itchy skin, ugly rashes, acne. So avoid stress, be happy and say no to worries.
10: Notice other bad habits those are triggering skin problems and ask to your dermatologist.


  1. Great post. I need to buy rose water. This is the second blog that mentioned it. IA will buy it soon.

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    LoL studies directly don't damage your skin but taking too much stress of studies will... :)

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  17. Fantastic tips, I wish I observed them more often! Definitely agree with the diet, hydration, sleep and stress - so many factors affect our skin and we really do need to take care of it better.

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