Friday, 19 August 2011

Allah Loves Me The Most

Few days back my friend consoled me by these kind words, "You have a weak relation with Allah (God) so you take every little matter as a big problem and believe that everyone is a saint." My other friend explained a very beautiful point to me, "You should release your tears for Allah (God) specially when you ask pardon from HIM."
These words help me a lot while I was composing my self and my shattered trust. So the following post is especially for my self, it's indeed self-realization. Insha Allah I will make a strong bond with Allah The One and Only God, Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

Allah (God) says in the Quran:
Say you, He is Allah (God), the one.
Allah (God) the Independent, Care free.
He begot none' nor was He begotten.
And nor anyone is equal to Him.
Surah Al-Ikhlas : Ayat 1-4

Allah (God) says: "Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you." Hadith Qudsi.

Anyone who seeks Allah (God) will surely find him.

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Allah (God) may delay our prayers, but He never denies.

Allah (God) will make a way when there seems to be no way.

I might escape human cameras, but I can’t escape Allah’s view. 

Ya Allah (God), please renew my faith every time I’m at the edge of losing it.

You might be far from Allah (God), but He is close to you! Turn to Him and you will find Him.

Sometimes when you think that no one loves you, think again. Allah (God) always loves you.

When Allah (God) loves you, He makes you endure trials. So face those trials with a smile, because deep down you know He loves you.

Ya Allah (God)! how can I ask You for favors knowing how disobedient I am, but how can I not ask You for anything knowing how Generous You are.

We may have someone in our mind, someone in our heart, someone in our dreams, someone in our life, but  Allah (God) is the Only One when we have no one.

Sometimes Allah (God) closes all the doors and locks all the windows. During those times its nice to think that may be there's a storm outside and Allah wants to save you.

If you attach your heart to worldly matters, they will eventually shatter it. But when you attach your heart to Allah (God), you will never have to worry about it being broken.

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When Allah (God) knows you’re ready for the responsibility of commitment, He’ll reveal the right person under the right circumstances. Wait patiently. Don’t waste your time searching and wishing. Grow and be ready, you’ll see Allah (God) will give you a love story far better than you could ever dream of.

When Allah (God) gives us ‘NO’ for an answer, keep in mind that there is a much greater ‘YES’ behind it. His ‘NO’ is not a ‘REJECTION’, but more a ‘REDIRECTION’.  Trust Allah (God) what you need.

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Things aren’t always as they seem. Mother of Prophet Mosa [Moses]  (Peace Be Upon Him) was told to throw her son in the river, Prophet Yusuf (Peace Be Upon Him) was left for dead in a well, Lady Maryam  (May Allah Be Pleased with her) delivered a child alone, Prophet Yunus (Peace Be Upon Him) was swallowed by a whale, Prophet Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) was thrown in the fire. Yet look at how it turned out for them in the end. So don’t worry, Allah (God) has a plan for you. 

What happens when a beloved person hurts you again & again? Eventually your attachment to them will weaken or break. Over time, you may even turn away from them completely. Allah (God) wants us to break our attachment to the duniya (World). Allah (God) wants us to turn away from it. So in His infinite mercy, He allows the duniya (World) to hurt us again & again, that we may stop loving it, that we may turn away from it and turn to Him instead.

May Allah (God) reward us and grant us internal and external peace.


  1. great words... hope we can do all this :)

  2. @Muhammad Israr: Insha Allah...

  3. Thank you for this! I really needed such words!

  4. "So in His infinite mercy, He allows the duniya (World) to hurt us again & again, that we may stop loving it, that we may turn away from it and turn to Him instead."

    This hit me.
    We tend to love someone so much not thinking that it should be Allah ta'ala that we should give that kind of love to. Someday this someone will have to go back to Him, so who are we left with when we didn't love Allah ta'ala most, in the first place?

  5. Asma..before anything else said I want to hug you first hmmmmmmm *hugs*..

    sis you have said it know my story and in every step I take I have learned one word Wait..I have prayed a lot of times even crying loudly to Him..all of my fears and tears He heard my every cry..but I was always asking when? and I was struggling to solve my problem on my own way..but I just felt frustrated..

    Now my prayers are answered one by is because I have learned to cast all my burdens to God..sometimes we can't see the answers to our prayers yet BUT behind all..Allah is fighting our battles for us..the right time will come..everything on it's proper place and time our prayers and the desires of our hearts will be answered..

    When Allah says "No" is because He knows what is best for us..when he says "yes" is because He wants to make us feel He loves us so true..and when he says "wait"..He is only telling us to put more our Trust in Him :)

    morning sis..passing by..*huuugsssss*..we are just humans and all of us go through these stage in our lives..stay blessed *blink blink* smile :)

  6. few months back i was in a delusion of whether am i on the right track.
    THANX to ALLAH, he helped me find the answers and i am too thankful to him,
    and a great great great post by a great great great girl i know. :D
    stay blessed:D
    hahaha, i love writing this stay blessed.

  7. Thank you Asma for this beautiful post. I really needed this at this point in my life. God bless you.

  8. dear asma i think this is the best writing i have ever read,really glad to have you dear,

    yes god is inside us around us every where JUST waiting for our one call for him and he makes the miracle happen ,
    in my 40 year life i saw he really listen but in the condition that we call straight from heart?

    loved your translation too sura fatyhaa and akhlaas is most recited suras by my heart,

    and am agree with each single word you said about moment,who acts according to it is most blessed and peaceful man of god,

    thanks for amazing sharing god bless

  9. That was a great post Asma..thanks for reminding us all our ignored relation with Allah..your words have kinda revived it..thankz sweetheart:-)

  10. ---Allah loves me the most is another beautiful effort of your research (mashaaAllah).
    Indeed, Allah SWT is merciful and forgiving; helps those who help themselves and is pleased with those who please their parents. If we connect ourselves with him he guides us and that connection includes good deeds and His worship alone.
    Allaho Aalim bilsawab--Allah knows all.
    Taqwa is the word--Staying away from sins gets us closer to Him.
    May Allah SWT forgive our sins during the second part of ramzan kareem --amen

  11. @All: Thanks for your kind words & support.... :)
    Stay Blessed

  12. I think we are all more and less in your situation trying to find our way back. And these words are the best to help you and us.
    It is so easy to ignore our relationship with God but it is truly the only one who's faithful to us and will never let us down. So we have to work to get closer to him and to turn to him for help and in adoration.
    Great post as always. Be blessed Asma for such inspiring words.

  13. @MarieHarmony: Yes ignoring relationship with Allah is so easy but it's consequences are fetal, we lose our inner peace and bowed down in front of Duniya(World)... :/
    Thanks for appreciation... :)
    Stay Blessed

  14. Impressive, inspiring, remarkable, extraordinary, outstanding and marvelous. Such endless words can come in mind after reading this. It is a significant effort by the author.

  15. @Khurram Mobin: Ohhh you are so kind... :)
    Thanks for appreciation... :)

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  17. Asma..I was worried..I was checking on your site for your reply on my comment on my blog roll dashboard and blogger said your site was on my worries that your not ok I sent a message to Marie Harmony and she said the link stayblessed1 was wrong and it is anyway Asma I am just glad your ok..I thought you accidentally or have purposely deleted your site or your not ok..

    I guess paranoid hahaha..I'm glad it was only the changed link..

    passing by sis..nyt and sweet dreams :)

  18. @Sie: Yes I have changed my blog URL that's why you failed to get access at my blog... Dear sorry for disturbing you in this way.... :)
    You are so kind, you made me fell special... :)

  19. Lovely post asma .. thanks for sharing :)

  20. beautiful post..:)

    surely Allah has plans for uss.we shouldnt lose hope after something not bieng granted to us..that is just only for our best..

  21. I wanna say "ASSALAM-O_ALILUM to you @ very first!!
    Saw your blog today & find this post as eventually I am reading a reflection of my thought that HE's ALLAH .. "who loves me the most" !!!
    I am following ya now!!!

  22. This is the most amazing and the best ever post i have read :)

    Girl you have totally put the life's philosophy that must have in these lines :) I am thinking to write on all these for days and i was going slowly to cover them but you have done it one post.

    Together we will spread these messages to every corner of the world :)
    I am your new follower. Follow mine and have some of your thoughts there too :)

    Stay Blessed :)

  23. @Maham: Indeed Allah is the Best Planner... :)

    @Shayna: Waleikum Assalam... THanks for the follow... :)

    @Imad Khalid: & also act on positive messages too....
    OK I will.... :)

  24. i'm learning a lot from you.. thanks for sharing asma!
    stay blessed!

  25. Ameen to your dua! :)
    Have you heard the nasheed by zain bikha - You are never alone?? .. Listen to it, its amazing!

  26. @PotentialHijabi: No I didn't listen... :)
    OK will... :)