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The Best Women Of Paradise [2]

In this world, every day thousands to millions of people are being born and others goes to departure for never having chance to come back in our world. When we look behind and read the history then we come to know about few immortal beings, indeed they are alive with us because their high status that they achieved by living life in such a great way, and became examples for us till the world end.
It's urged that we not only remind them but also follow their path and adopt their ways of life so shall we get success like them. Islam is a religion that give women high status. Lets recalls our memories about four greatest women of Paradise.  Indeed these great ladies are true source of  strength and inspiration.

Hazart Anas (May Allah Be Pleased With Him) reports that Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has said: "The best women of mankind are four: Maryam daughter of `Imraan, Asiya wife of Pharaoh, Khadija daughter of Khuwailid, and Fatima the daughter of the Messenger of Allaah." [Bukhari and Muslim]
This hadith is about four women who acquired perfection in faith and character by virtue of their devotion, patience and morality. Their lives are guidance and examples for all believers, especially in times of hardship, difficulty and struggle. 

Lady Maryam-Mary (May Allah Be Pleased With Her) [2]

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Lady Maryam-Mary (May Allah Be Pleased With Her) the mother of Prophet Isa-Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him), is considered one of the most righteous women.  She gave birth to a son by a special miracle, without the intervention of the customary physical means. This of course does not mean that she was more than human, any more than her son Prophet Isa-Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) was more than inhuman. 
Lady Maryam's respectable parents are Hazrat Emraan and Hazrat Hannah. In her old age, Hazrat Hannah was expecting a child. With the birth of a son in mind, she made an oath to Allah that the child to be born would be freed from all worldly affairs and specially dedicated to Allah's service. Almighty Allah blessed her with a daughter. And she was dedicated to the service of Allah. 

The Qur'an narrates that Mary grew up in the temple of the prayer, and had a special place in the temple of her own. She was placed under the care of the Prophet Zechariah (Peace Be Upon Him). 
Lady Maryam-Mary (May Be Allah Pleased With Her), grew up in a very pious religious environment, always remaining busy in the worship of her Creator Almighty Allah. According to the Quran Lady Maryam-Mary (May Allah Be Pleased With Her), was chosen above all women.

image, picture, Women Of Paradise
The virgin birth of Prophet Isa-Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) is supremely important in Islam, as one of the most important miracles of Allah (God). The Qur'an states clearly & it is also our part of faith that Prophet Isa-Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) was the result of a virgin birth, but that neither Lady Maryam-Mary (May Allah Be Pleased With Her), nor her son were divine. Prophet Isa-Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) was born miraculously by the will of Allah (God) without a father and Allah (God) has the power to do anything.  
Quran says Allah sent an angel to Lady Maryam to inform about the miracle birth of a son;
"She said, 'from where shall I have a son, no man has touched me, nor I am an unchaste? He said, 'so it is, your Lord has said, this is easy to me', and that We make it a sign for the people and a mercy from Us, and this matter is already decreed. Now Maryam conceived it, then she went away with him to a far off place."  Surah Maryam : Ayat 120-22

She listened this and bowed before inevitable divine command. After a few days she conceived the baby left and moved to a remote place. After the delivery she came back.
According to Quran as she came back people of her city started to blame her; 
"Then she brought him to her people taking him in her lap. They said, 'no 'doubt, you have committed a very vile thing.' 'O sister of Haroon! your father was not a wicked man and nor was your mother an unchaste woman." Surah Maryam : Ayat 27-28
People made her life miserable and put false accusation on her, they knew about her modesty and virtuosity but they did not pay any heed to her. She endured that situation with a great patience and stood like a rock for her son against those inevitable, regretful problems. 
Lady Maryam-Mary (May Allah Be Pleased With Her) is regarded as a chaste and virtuous woman. In Islam, she  is known by her exalted titles such as The Virgin, The Purified, The Exalted, Mother of Prophet Isa-Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him), Keeper of Chastity, Mystic, Female Exemplar, Maternal Heroine, Queen of the Saints.


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