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Suicide Is Not An Answer To Life’s Problems

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Suicide is a global issue. Nearly one million suicides occur worldwide every year, which means that every forty (40) seconds somebody dies by suicide, with anywhere from 10 million to 20 million suicide attempts annually. According to some research suicide rates are 50%-60% higher than the official rate. The current attitude and dilemmas, unlike in previous times, suicide is so common. The reasons why a person to commit suicide are multifaceted and complex as the thousands of people who do so every year. These days it seems suicide among teens and young adults is out of control. We are regularly hearing reports about someone taking their life.
Some common factors that may lead to experience suicidal thoughts and feelings:
Major cause of suicide is untreated illness like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression.
The majority of people who are suicidal are clinically depressed or mentally ill, meaning there is something wrong with their brain chemistry.
When someone feels hopeless, sad, lonely and depressed & then thinks they got no reason to live.
Strong feeling of being guilty.
Grief like, breakup of a romantic relationship or cheated in blind love, death of loved one, divorce, rape, domestic violence, physical disability, long illness.
In children and adolescents, bullying and being bullied seem to be associated with an increased risk of suicide.
Financial crises, poverty, great failure in business, loss of job.

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Warning signs of suicide:
Talk of suicide or death; threatening suicide; writing about death or suicide.
Withdrawal from family and friends.
Reckless behavior, increased risk-taking, irritability.
Making statements about life not being worth living, hating life, that the "world would be better off without me," and similar feelings.
Increased alcohol or drug use.
Feelings of rage or uncontrolled anger.
Seeking access to firearms, pills, or other methods to commit suicide.
Changing wills, preoccupation with putting one’s affairs in order.
Dramatic changes in personality, may include moderate alcohol abuse, insomnia, severe agitation, loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy, hopelessness.

Feeling suicidal is often associated with problems that can be treated.
Ways to help:
Always take seriously when a person gives statements that he or she is thinking about suicide.
Do not leave someone who has expressed thoughts of suicide. Be there for them.
Talk openly about suicide. Ask about detail like; Suicidal  intention? Method? Have what you need?  When?
If someone tells you suicidal intentions as a secret, then you never keep that "secret." Inform all those who are around him/her, like his/her family member friends.
Provide a strong social support. Have good friendship with them, listen them being kind and gentle, avoid arguments and advice giving. try your best to uplift their spirits, use talk therapy and make them laugh and make them somehow understand that suicide is not the solution to problems.
If you suspect suicidal thoughts in anyone cause of untreated depression, help them to fight the depression, make them consult a psychiatrist, seek professional help. Go to a clinic, emergency room, or psychiatric facility.
Follow up and help them the person on a regular basis until he or she is become okay.

If you are feeling suicidal:
If you have a suicide plan, tell a trusted friend, family member, doctor, or therapist. Someone who loves & cares you and give you a good support. [Remember; there are many people who may support you during this difficult time] explain your suicide plan or suicidal thoughts to them.
Try to think positive, see the glass half full instead of complaining half empty. Surround yourself with positive influences and people who make you feel good about yourself.
Distance yourself from any means of suicide.
Remember your personal goals.
Make time for things that bring you joy.
A suicidal crisis is almost always temporary, try to overcome suicidal thoughts.

Committing Suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam:
From the Islamic point of view suicide is a sin and a crime. According to Islam the person who commits suicide is destined to go to hell.
It was narrated from Abu Horairah (May Allah Pleased With Him), that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:
"Whoever throws himself down from a mountain and kills himself will be throwing himself down in the Fire of Hell forever and ever. Who...ever drinks poison and kills himself will be sipping it in the Fire of Hell forever and ever. Whoever kills himself with a piece of iron will have that iron in his hand, thrusting it into his belly in the Fire of Hell forever and ever." [Sahih Bukhaari: 5442, Muslim: 109]


  1. very nice detailed account of suicide and its causes...but i think suicide is still better than suicide-bombing....

  2. It is a concerning issue which has become common in our societies and also it is being ignored. Such people get frustrated and feel upset about something that hurts them. I agree with you that we could help such people if we utilize our capacities by play roles individually. As you know that this posts reflects this problem in our country as well like joblessness , poverty and illiteracy etc

  3. can't stand that first pic, i love teddies, that's vewy rude :(

    i have something in here that might serve as an answer to this post:


    People who ended their lives never valued their mothers. They wanted life to favor them ALWAYS despite not knowing its rules and their purpose of existence.

  4. I second that Asma :) nice post

  5. @Muhammad Israr: No you are totally wrong, because you are not allowed to choose one forbidden thing between two :| Nor suicide neither suicide-bombing is allowed in any case.... :)

    @Kurram Mobin: Yes in many cases frustration is main reason behind suicide... :) And of course it's our duty to help those have suicidal views... :)

    @Sie: Sorry Dear your comment accsidently got delete :/ Any way you said, I so agree Asma..suicide is never a solution it will only lead to a worst destruction of one's soul..your given suggestions are great..suicidal tendencies usually happen when a person feels being alone..it would be best to have someone to comfort her and make her regain her strength and will to live..

    Life is a gift..I have a heart ailment and I can leave anytime..so I learned to treat each day of my life as a precious time to spend it with my love ones..let us not waste the gift that has been given to us..

    Asma I made an award for you..kindly check my site thank you *hugs*

    "Rightly said one should never be alone if he/she has tendency towards suicide.
    Sie, best wishes & payers for you, insha Allah you will be there to fulfill your responsibilities & will see your kids as good adults as you are... :)
    Awww you are so kind, Thank You... I going to check it... :) *hugs back* :)

  6. @beanizer_05: I love humans more that's why I give teddy bear's an illustration... :)
    I'm going to check out your post & will comment there....
    Indeed a suicidal person never valued & cared for any one... :/

    @cLai ♥: Yes... :)

    @äмän ♥: Thanks Dear.... :)

  7. @Foz: Dear you are free to dis agree I respect your opinion... :) What I said in comment that is my point of view "a suicidal person doesn't care about anyone", this point seems me to fact, because if he/she cared their loved ones then they never take this last step and leave them forever along giving them an unbearable grief. Further I want to add that indeed suicidal persons even don't care about them selves and take this coward step which is a great sin un-forgivable sin... :/

    Dear Foz; I published above post after research and I'm not as much knowledgeable but tried my best to motivate people be ready to help those who has suicidal intention... :)

    Sorry, if I hurt you in any case... :)

    Stay Blessed

  8. I Agree Asma on your reply..and I also do respect each others opinion..

    every written post depends on what the person has been through and on every readers perspective..

    I agree on Beany..what he is trying to say on people who ended their lives never valued their mother..it is because we literally came from our mothers and ending our lives is like saying we never valued the care and love that our mother did when we are still Inside our mother's Womb..Beany is my special friend and I know What he has Been through also..so much pain..

    I am a Single Mom and I have been through a lot believe me..I could have been insane or must have been in a suicidal situation..but one thing that made me not do it because I know when I go it will leave my love ones a never ending grief..which I myself couldn't even stand looking at it..

    We are all created with different emotional tendencies..some of us are strong or weak in some ways..all of us in one way or another have been on a situation of giving-up..

    but it will Always be OUR CHOICE Not On The Situation We are into..

    I have a Heart Ailment,I have been physically and sexually abused,neglected,bitten by my own mom,seen my kids physically hurt by their own father grrrrrrr..name it I have been through it but above all these..

    Life is a GIFT..I have had heart attacks many times..I have always been praying to our Lord..If He can ADD even just a SINGLE day every time I wake up..I can go anytime..

    Life Is So Precious..if someone has been into a suicidal situation Before..the BEST thing to do is to let them feel that in whatever situation they have been through..SOMEONE IS THERE TO STILL LOVE THEM AND BE WITH THEM..also teaching him TO FORGIVE HIMSELF..

    And if anyone is thinking of committing suicide PLEASE..Don't Do It!!!!!!!!

    As what I have said..Here I am..I have a Heart Ailment..I usually faint and I have fears if I would wake up the next day to see my kids and be with Quiet Angel..

    I have always prayed that our Lord would ADD UP another day or a year on my life..Our LORD have given YOU life so don't end it up..SO PLEASE LET US LOVE OUR LIVES REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER PAINFUL EXPERIENCE WE ARE INTO :)..Every pain will surely pass..

  9. my reply was so long Asma but please publish it..got carried away..I JUST VALUE LIFE..thank you *hugs*

  10. Asma You are doing a fantabulous job.

    Islam teaches us every sort of thing :) and why all the evils like commiting suicide etc are happening around the world because they actually dont have the GUIDELINES which ISLAM gives.

    And for all the muslims which are doing it. Well they are the most unfortunate then that they die like this even they knew its HARAM.

    Lovely post.

  11. Hi Asma, I came back here to answer some questions...


    If the *OWN EXPERIENCE* is the basis of a valid argument, then, I AM CERTAINLY AT THE RIGHT COMMENT BOX TO EXPRESS. WHYYY??? 'COZ--I have a brother who committed suicide too, AND I MYSELF "COULD HAVE DONE" the same careless act.

    I don't wanna narrate my story JUST to prove I have *enough* knowledge 'coz I know this is not the right place..i have already shared my sentiments in my blog..
    I respect and fear God (the LIFE-GIVER), I respect my mother (who carried me in her womb for 9 months and almost died), I respect the people who value me, and I DON'T WANNA HURT THOSE WHO LOVE ME such that I DIDN'T and WILL NEVER commit suicide.
    After all, it doesn't take *just* an experience to understand this subject, we all have minds and hearts to balance our decisions in life.

    And as I always say:

    *phew!..i never thought my first comment would be noticed so fast..hahaha..you better pay me chocos asma! hahaha!

  12. @Sie: Thanks... :)
    You are right what we say must be clear so the other person should catch our meaning in correct sense, but sometimes reader disagrees with writer as every one has his own point of veiw... :)

    Hmmm right, you got Beany's point clear & beautifully explained it for others, thanks for your kind words.... :)

    Dear it's life and life is not bed of roeses, here in life discomforts come & go, there is easy evey hardship, the main thing is one should not loose thier courage. And I know you are a brave woman+mother & a symbol of courage... :)

    Yes & these differnces make us all important keep our indiviudlity & also make life beautiful...

    Rightly said life's motto shuld be fight...

    Sie your life's lesson is never giveup, I understand your position... :')

    I think suicidal persons are more needy of love & care, by doing this we will help them a lot to coming back towards life.... :)
    Why I sholudn't published your comment? Dear your words are so presioous for me.... :)

    Stay Blessed

  13. @Imad Khalid: Thanks... :)
    No doubt Islam gives complete code of life...
    Life is gift of Allah we have no authority to destroy it... :)

  14. @beanizer_05: Welcome back & thanks for coming, keep visiting... :)

    Indeed this is called freedom of speach (but one should not hurt any one by his/her words)...


    That's the positive approach, you fought with negativity and defeated suicidal ideas... Love you... :)


    Hahaha Dear our each & every word is being examined by people who are around us so be ready to prove your self right... :P

    Stay Blessed

  15. Oh No! .. (these were the words, I openly said , when I saw the first pic, I love teddies and this one's also very cute, why killed :'(
    Good topic & Interesting writing!
    And yea! I was also feeling sorry for them, who prefer dying instead of fighting for any reason!Whatever, is the reason.. It is not at all bigger then the Life!
    I also agree with Muhammad Israr > that suicide is STILL better then suicide bombing!

  16. @Shayan :)
    If you find some one suicidal person in life, whenever try to help him/her out... :)
    Unhunh Shayana, what was Israr said is wrong, both suicide & suicide-bombing is not allowed in Islamic point of view... :)

  17. i hope so...but then again hope is contagious:(

  18. An interesting topic like this really enhances reader's mind to have more effective decisions over a certain issue.

  19. @Shoaib: It's serious topic... :)

  20. @ Asma: Yea! Suicide & suicide- bombing are both the curses but at least in suicide , one is assumed to be die alone not 1000 along with!