Sunday, 26 February 2012

Do You Have Right To Judge Others?

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Happy is the person who finds fault with himself instead of finding fault with others.
I really feel bad whenever I see people comment on posts of facebook pages that are about affairs of famous  personalities those belong to electronic media or politics etc. I don't know why people feel eager to comment in more biased way and use cheapest words for them, don't they know who are we to poke our nose into their matters or to judge them badly and gossip about their life. We are not judge and jury, it’s arrogant to judge anybody. We don’t know their whole story so why we assume. To me it's not freedom of speech but judging others unfairly. After all no one  enjoys to being judged.

All things, big and small, invite our judgement. The condition of the weather, political matters, the taste of food, a television programs and actors etc. Judgement mostly mostly stands on criticism we should take a step back and realize our judgements aren't always right. A great deal of our judging of others is mis-judging or unjust judging. It's wrong to judge people unfairly.

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Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself.
We all know that we are not allowed to judge others, but sadly; judging other people is our random activity, we’re all guilty of judging other people. We all are addicted to judge people who are around us, we are quick to judge other people about their attitude, looks, dressing, race, creed, sexuality, political orientation, social status, life style or anything else . In front of them we become gentle towards them, pretend to express love, affection and behind their back we brutally judge them even in front of them scold and nag them with harsh words try to tear apart their whole personality, their confidence and their image.

The act of judgement is an act of pride because judging others energize pride. We put ourselves above other people when we make judgement about them. We think we know others intentions or we know where their heart stands. It’s stupid. And it only brings us down.
Some people are insecure and feel good by judging (gossip, criticise, belittle others & finding faults) others and making fun of others to satisfy their own inner and try to cover their own weaknesses and insecurities.

Image, Picture, judging others
We all know deep down inside we can’t really judge another person.
Making own judgement about others means we form a standard of our choice and make rules for them to follow. Individually we all are complex creatures and unique. Everyone of us has different  nature, own ways and rules to spend his/her life, we all have different situations & backgrounds, different experiences, different challenges. We have to accept the fact that everyone has a story and everyone has free will to decide what they want to do, how they want to live their life.

Any judgement we make has no basis, Allah is the Judge and He will judge the people for indeed we do not know what is in the hearts of others, rather Allah knows what is in the breasts of mankind.

Islam demands fairness and impartiality when it comes to judging others. Talking about other people on the basis of mere suspicion or hearsay and making wrong judgement and assumption is forbidden.
Allah says in Quran:
'O believers! Stand-up firmly by the Commandments of Allah, bearing witness with justice and let not the enmity of any people incite you that you should not do justice. Do justice that is nearer to piety and fear Allah, undoubtedly, Allah is aware of your doings. Surah Al-Maidah : Ayat 8

The hypocrite looks for faults, the believer looks for excuses. 
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and salutations be upon him) said, "Should you become eager to mention another’s faults, recall your own."  (Ar-Rafi)
The one better thing what can we do is to have the default assumption about other people in any matter and we should fix, support, help, guide and teach each other to become better people.


  1. Beautiful post! The elephant and the camel analogy was excellent as was the fish and the tree one.

    We shouldn't judge for we can never know why a person does or doesn't do something or what goes on inside them.


  2. @Nas: Yeah these are... :)
    Thanks for sharing your kind words...
    Stay Blessed

  3. rightly written... and the analogies were spot on

  4. @quartertoinsane: Thank you... :)

  5. I agree to every word u've written!!! Who are we to judge??? We have no right to be judgemental. We don't why people react the way they react... What made them so bitter... so cynical!!! Once Upon a time, I used to be judgemental but Trust me I stopped judging people a longgggg time ago. I hope and pray that everyone does too...

    Loved your post!!

  6. @Aliza Khan: Ahan! nice to know that you stopped judging long ago... :)

  7. Very good post Asma. Judging others is unfortunately something we tend to do too often.
    This is not for us to do so - each circumstance, each life is different. We are here to improve ourselves and on this special subject we have a lot to do.

    Thank you very much for your always interesting posts. Stay well dear.

  8. @MarieHarmony: Thanks Marie... :)
    Yeah we have to control our tongues when it comes to talking about other people...
    Anytime... :)
    Be Blessed Always

  9. I love that last line!! Will def. keep that in mind. Recently I was reading something - forgot where...I think MuslimMatters - but it was about not allowing the ppl who judge you to affect you b/c you will give them the status of being perfect judges which they aren't. Great post!

  10. @sippingchai: Good to know... :)
    Thank You...

  11. Nice post awareness for all of us..I was judged by people because of my past so I secluded myself for years but I am glad I did now I avoid judging others because I have felt the pain of being judged by others..networking sites now are really full of hurting words sometimes even degrading people and mocking what I always say..see yourself first before casting the first stone to anyone..passing by Asma ;)

  12. @Sie: Thanks...
    Rightly said... :)

  13. 'The hypocrite looks for faults, the believer looks for excuses.'
    Agreed to this over all it is a very nice post.
    Stay Blessed.
    Take Care

  14. @anummunaf: Stay Blessed... :)

  15. Allah knows best.

    an example of misjudging someone is:
    when a girl looks at another girl then tells her so-called friends, 'look at that chia, she thinks she's so cool'

    what makes that girl think that the other girl was thinking of how 'cool' she was? only Allah knows our thoughts and feelings. only Allah can judge us, yes Asma :)

  16. @Mariam: Yes, there are many examples of judging others wrongly... :)