Sunday, 11 March 2012

Are You A Kind Person?

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Kindness is a gift everyone afford to give.
Kindness is the most precious moral behaviour. Kindness is mixture of many other virtues like love, compassionate, sympathy, positive emotions, courtesy, affection and care. Kindness is important virtue to have, it makes you a moral human being, we show kindness through soft and  sincere words and actions.

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Kindness is an act of love and care towards human, animal even nature.  A small act of kindness can make a big impact, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring these touched our life deeply. Kindness brings peace and happiness in our life, society and also in our world, it improves good relationship with those who are around us.
Kindness makes you a friendly, sensitive and sincere person who feel hurt of other and always ready to help, comfort and encourage people in many ways. It gives you peace of mind.
Allah orders us to treat people with kindness, being kind means giving love, respect, help, speaking kind words, mercy and truthfulness to all fellow human beings. 


  1. Kind? Not really. Though it is good to be kind, I never thought of it. :D

    Great article btw.

  2. @Daniyal Arain :P
    Thank you... :)

    @quartertoinsane: Thanks... :)

  3. yup... love and kindness are never wasted in the sense that we get them back in some other form and from some other person...

  4. @anummunaf: ... :)

    @RidaFatima: Hai na... :)

  5. Very beautifully said. Kindness is the language of heart. The conversation which deaf can hear and blind can see.. If everyone in the world had been kind, how peaceful life on this earth would have been..:)

    JazakiAllahu Khairan for such a great reminder.

    Feel Islam

  6. kindness! yeah.
    usually people think about to kindness is the second form of peaty on others, like help pours,respect your elders,speak with soft voice, But what i know about kindness is FORGIVENESS.
    Thanks for your kind words and your precious time to comments and visited my Junkyards.

  7. @Feel Islam: True, kindness is universal language... :)

    @MatchSoul: Welcome... :)

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  9. @John Arnould: Thanks for appreciation... :)