Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Blessings Always Chase Trails

Trials and blessings both are directly from God; trails are tests and we tried by Him. Trials are test of our faith, determination, courage, patience and strong will and when we stand the test with patience and constancy, we get many pleasures of life, indeed blessings come through trials.

God takes care of everything in our life so He helps us in hard times too by giving us the ability of handling difficult times, we just have to trust Him always, He takes away all painful situations, as there is ease after hardship. God allows though times to come into our life because He changes us and to make us, more mature, stronger, more determined and wiser than before.

In life; we go through tough trials of many kinds, sometimes painful circumstances seem unending we reach at point of losing hope and patience and wonder how can we endure horrible situation and think that there is no escape. And in the midst of any trial we have the tendency to don't endure bitter things, though the fact is the more one endure the more he receive but in tough situation we do not understand it. But when God carried us through all of hard times we find a truth that blessings disguised in trials.

It is common attitude of us when trails come, we question why it is happening and start complaining? It's not easy to understand reasons behind trials that we face by the will of God. Health, happiness and success are blessings, if we don't see tough time, worries and failure, how can we know the value of blessings and to appreciate them. God has His plan and purposes, those we can't understand at that time.

We need to know that we are not alone in this life who are facing trials, look around everyone is going through in a way or other way. God doesn't put heaviest burden that we can't take. Whenever a trial hit you, react to it with great courage, consider each trial as a test of faith and a lesson for life. We should always praise God and ask for His mercy and thank for His blessings.


  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Eid Mubarak.

  2. Sometimes trails,hard times are his mercy,a guidance.
    trails are promised in life .
    "seek help in steadfastness and prayers.lo! Allah is with the stead fast.(153).surely we will try you with something of fear,hunger and loss of wealth and lives and crops but give glad tidings to the steadfast"

  3. i completely agree that hardships are just test of our faith and if we dontt loos our faith and hope it turns into a blessing ,thanks for sharing dear